Herschel Wintersbane

Fire Genasi Detective Pledged to an Alien Entity


While still a gumshoe, Hersch was assisting on an investigation of a serial killer named The Kingfisher with his senior partner, a mountain dwarf named Orin Brightbeard. The pair cornered the killer, but The Kingfisher was able to give them the slip. They gave chase, but Detective Brightbeard was caught in a carefully laid trap. As Hersch rounded the corner, he saw his partner helpless, string up, and dying. Before he was able to help, Hersch was knocked unconscious by The Kingfisher, who was hiding nearby.

When Hersch awoke, he was confused because he was no longer in the alley. He was in his home. It was dark and smelled strongly of raw metal. As he scrambled around the place he found his wife, Shea, flayed and cold; his son, Morris, missing; and a thick golden fish hook embedded in his ear.Unable to remove the hook from his ear, he is still haunted by the memory of his family and seemingly stalked by The Kingfisher.

After that night, he was a man on a mission. He implored anyone for help, but no one in the City Watch was able to give him any leads that would help, and no divination magic be could afford could locate the killer. Hersch awoke one morning to a knock on the door of his new home in the City Watch barracks to find a small purple leather pouch with a tungsten ring in the shape of of a serpent eating its own tail and a small, square letter that read “a favor for a favor.”

Since that night he has had dreams of a dark place with a faraway light and distant, deep, echoing voices.

Herschel Wintersbane

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